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-AHOY,LAND! – Calles shouted,as he sat up on his bed,while waking up from a very adventurous dream,pointing on the wall,as if that was the land he found.
He yawned,stretched and looked around.He was alone in the room. He got up,dressed and then sat on his bed drinking rum. It felt really good on the morning ,a fresh,powerful flavour running down in his throat.
He grabbed the chemistry book,and started reading,but after two lines,his head spaced out. He sighed,then closed the book,then went out. On the corridor he bumped into the French teacher.
-My bad! – Calles said,raising both of his hands,as if he was arrested.
-Well well,the troublesome dragon. I’m glad I could finally found you,actually. Here. – Damien Cornett took out two books from his leather bag. – You must study these. One is with cultural and historical events ,the other one is grammar. Good luck and improve yourself! – then he turned away and left Calles with his whiny face.
-No…jus’…no. – he grumbled looking at his number one enemies: books.

He really tried his best,but he couldn’t remember a thing he read. He needed some fresh air,so he went on the yard. There he met some new people,and others he already knew.
-Heyho! – he greeted.
-Hi there! – Victoria waved at him.
-What’s on ya board?
-We’re just studying,in teamwork it’s easier. Wanna join? – Tete smiled.
-No thanks! – Calles shook his head- I’m gonna….I’m gonna go!
-Ehhhh,why? – Victoria tilted her head.
Calles hurrily turned and walked off. The last thing he wanted to do on that day was studying. He suddenly noticed the Academy’s gates were open. He raised a brow,and walked there.He looked outside.He looked around,he wondered if he can actually leave the Academy.
-Going out? – Drew landed next to him.
-Hm?Well am I allowed?
- Why of course! There’s a little town,we usually go there. – Drew said and explained further,but Calles couldn’t hear him,he was so occupied with the thought he can go out.
He ,without any hesitation,took his first step ,he took out his talisman,mumbled a few words,the talisman  started to glow,and his wings appeared. He fluttered and lifted himself up on the air. He made a few rolls on the air,zigzagging here and there. He got a bit dizzy,but it was just fun. After playing around,he noticed the houses and crowd under him. He slowly landed at the main gate of the town. He grinned,then entered. Firtly,he felt a strange tension in his body,but he tried to ignore and swallow back his insticts. He felt like a tiny ant between other tiny ants. It wasn’t an enjoyable feeling,but he still wanted take a walk. Elves here and there,looked at him ,then walked further minding their own business,when they saw his uniform.
-Help,someone help,please! – someone screamed.
Calles turned his head at an alley ,where the scream came from. He walked in,his hands in his pocket. A small elf boy was covering his face,crying. Calles slowly walked at him.
-What’s yar problem,kid? – Calles asked,raising a brow.
-They…they stole my money from me and they beat me. – the elf complained.
-Well…I don’t know who they were…
Calles became incredibly annoyed. Who dares stealing without Calles to know?! He clenched his hands,snarled.
-Uhm…mister,are you okay? – the elf boy pulled on his vest.
Calles looked down at him,then sighed.
-Yeah.So what now?
-I don’t know….do you want to be my friend? – the elf boy innocently smiled.
-Sure,but I don’ think we’ll meet a lot. – Calles scratched his head.
-Hurray,you’re my first friend! – the elf jumped in joy. – let’s go to the park,or no! let’s play hide and seek! Or…how about you catch me?Or how abou-…
Calles placed his hand on the elf’s head,almost covered the whole head.
-I have no time fo’ playin’ around now. – he grumbled – Gotta go and…..-he stopped.
Steal,he almost said it. Almost said it to someone who was robbed. Is that really a sin? Calles had an inner feeling he couldn’t tell what was it. He just simply stared at his palm,which was placed on the child’s head before.
-Please? – the elf made a whiny face.
-I….I have to go! – Calles rushed out of the ally.

      Calles was sitting on the ground,leaning his back to a building,looking at the people walking on the streets in front of him. “ They’re so alike.All of them. ” he thought. He spotted a nice little shop. His eyes started to glow. Calles stood up,and went in the shop. He looked around.
-Can I help you? – a kind elf woman asked.
Calles looked down at her with an emotionless expression,with a glowing gaze. The woman stepped back with a puzzled look. Calles’ eyes stopped on the medal on her chest,which was hanging with a golden lace around her neck. His eyes narrowed.
-What a beautiful shop. – he said,looked around ,gave out a smirk.
-T-thank you… -the young woman replied. – What do you need?
-Hm.I don’t know. – he looked at her chest again. – You’re pretty. – he said with the same emotionless expression,he still tried to restrain his instincts.
-Thank you. – the elf blushed.
-Hey,have ya heard ‘bout the sailor who lost his leg? – Calles expression brightened,while stepping closer to the woman.
-No. – the elf woman smiled.
-He was on his sailor boat,wanderin’ on tha sea,when he saw this siren. She was beautiful,but he knew she was evil,and she was!She stole his wooden leg. So he swam behind her,and grabbed her waist! – he humorously shuffled behind her,imitating some swimming moves,then grabbed her waist.
The elf woman squeacked,then laughed.
-And then,he caught her forever. – Calles grumbled,as he slowly placed his hand on her chest,covering the medal.
-You,that’s..! – the elf woman turned around,pushing Calles away with a huge slap,her head turned red,enbarassment and anger mixed on her expression.
Calles laughed,then winked at her,he left the shop. Outside he sniggered,throwing up the medal with the golden lace ,which then landed on his palm. He put the medal in his pocket,then entered another shop. He stole three apples from an old man’s shop,then a shoe from another one at a sophisticated woman. He couldn’t stop it anymore. His shirt and pants got filled with stolen objects. Slowly scandal bursted out on the area he kept stealing. People started to argue with each other,but noone knew the true stealer is between them. It was a dirty game,but still funny. Calles just looked at them ,sniggered,then he climbed up on a statue,which was on the center of the area.
-All ya hail the proud soul of a landweller pirate! – he exclaimed,posing in a glorious pose on the statue. – I stole yar treasure! YARR! – he then laughed,but he stopped,then people pointed hacks,axes and pitchforks at him. – Shiver me timbers!- he explaimed,as he jumped off of the statue,starting to run.
-GET HIM! – one exclaimed,as all of them started to run after Calles,who seemed to actually enjoy the chaos he made.
-YARGH! – he exclaimed,laughing and running,but then he bumped on someone really small,both of them fell down.
-Ugh,mister,you’re too heavy!
-Kid! What the seasick mother of walruses?! – Calles got off of the elf boy ,his “friend”
- I was looking everywhere,I really wanted to play with you,mister. – the boy said with an innocent smile,then hugged Calles’ waist tightly.
-Get off ‘f me,I’m in great trouble now! – he tried to push the kid away ,pushing him from his cheek,but this friend really seem to get glued up on his waist,as a belt. – Oh for…- Calles grumbled a few swears,then started running with his new “belt” wrapped around his waist,at least the little one wasn't heavy at all.
The people ran after Calles with great anger,the way was getting dusty behind them. The group got tightened,because of a narrow street,so it looked like a giant hedgehog with all the pitchforks and other pointy “weapons”. Calles jumped up on a rooftop,but while he was jumping,the boy let him go and fell back on the ground. Calles looked back at him,if he’s okay. The boy stood up with a wide grin,then ran away.
-Hey ki-…..- his body started to pulsate. – What the….?! – he looked after the kid. His talisman was sparkling in the efl’s tiny hand. – NO,WAIT,C’ME BACK! – Calles jumped off of the  roof,he reached one hand out,but the boy was already far away. – Ya son of a bilge rat! – Calles grunted at the disappearing boy,when he noticed claws were growing out of his fingers,blue skin started to cover his body,he started to grow,and his body totally transforming,as all the treasure he stole fell out of his clothes on the ground. Suddenly he grew out of his body,the people,who finally cornered him stared at him shocked.
-A DRAGON! – one shouted,then everyone started to run back-up,screaming in panic.
Some men stood there and tried to sting Calles. Calles looked around,he accidentally broomed away some running people with his tail,destroying houses near him with his wings.
-Uh…sorry. – he grumbled with his deepened voice,now that he could see through the buildings,he could see the boy running on a street not so far. – Gotcha! – Calles started to flutter with his wings to rise up and fly at the kid,but it was a bad idea. He flew away from people,destroying other houses,injuring some elves.
-Oh great,now how am I supposed to catch him?! – the dragon sat on the ground,like a dog,folding his arms,thinking.  
-What kind of dragon is this?! – an elf man started to argue.
-I don’t know,but he looks very scary,especially with that skull on his head! – another whined.
-He doesn’t seem to be that dangerous..just look at him,he sits like a dog,just with folded arms!- a woman exclaimed.
-WE MUST KILL HIM,BEFORE HE DESTROYS OUR TOWN! – a “hero” shouted,then grabbed a pitchwork,and with a battlecry ran at Calles.
Calles was burried in thoughts,counting out his steps,so he won’t cause any trouble,but then he felt an incredible pain  in his right side of his ass.
-YAAAAARGH! – he shouted,as he jumped on the air,fluttering with his wings,blowing people away. – YOU BILGE RATS! – he shouted,as he blew green fire on people.
The people started to shout.
-WE’RE GOING TO DIE! – a woman shouted.
-OH NOOO! – another one shouted too.
Calles flew away.
The people whined,groaned on the ground.
-Wait…that fire didn’t burn me at all! – one sat up,looking at himself.
-Me neither!
-Me neither!
-Me neither!
-This dragon is a kind dragon! We were so mean with him. – the young elf woman said,whose medal was stolen by the mentioned dragon before.
-Ugh….my back is itching.
-Ugh,my arm is itching
-Argh,my head is itching!
-What’s going on here?!
-THE DRAGON POISONED US,WE’LL DIE! –another shouted.
The people ,who were blown by the green fire all started to jump and itch,scratch,some of them got annoyed,some of them panicked. By the time another chaos was starting to grow the tension and panick,students arrived from the academy,leaded by an elf woman. Whitney grabbed the cross on her neck,when she saw all the people desperately finding a way to get rid of the itchy feeling.
-What’s happening here? – a taller student raised a brow.
-The dragon….the dragon cursed us,because we were mean with him! He just came from the sky,with his wings! – a woman crawled closer to Koji.
-He’s a ferotious monster!
-He’s the God of Destruction!
-He’s a giant beast!
-He’s deadly!
Kazu and Koji looked at each other.
-Calles?A deadly monster? ~dearu– Kazu raised a brow.
-There he is! – Junko pointed at the sky.
-Woah,he’s big! – Drew stared at the dragon on the sky with widened eyes.
-Okay,let’s settle him down. – Kazu simply said,then teleported away,Koji followed him.

       Calles flew on the sky,over the boy,waiting for the boy to finally stop running. The boy was running,when a big shadow covered him.He looked up,he stopped running,just stared at the dragon scared.
-Give me back my talisman,kid! – Calles rattled.
The elf boy just stared,then he suddenly collapsed.
-Oh great…-Calles sighed.
He looked around,the street was too narrow for him to land,but he didn’t have much choice. He landed,but he sat on a building. He leaned close to the boy with his big head. It was very hard for him to pick up the talisman,yet his instincts dictated he must take care of the child,however he desperately needed the talisman. The boy slowly woke up.
-Hey,kid,give me back my talisman.Now.
-PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! – the boy screamed,then started to cry.
The worst thing could happen.Calles hated crying people,they bursted out pitiful emotions,which he couldn’t tolerate. Yet this little fellow was so fragile and small,he could barely approach him.
-I won’,kid,jus’ gimme back the talisman already. – Calles grumbled,but he made the little one cry even more.
-There he is! – Drew exclaimed ,when they appeared at the end of the street.
Calles noticed them. His eyes widened. “ Oh no oh no oh no! They’re here! How the bloody Hell?! I musta’ hide somewhere! ” he looked around,but it was impossible to hide,so he just simply grabbed a part of the ruins he was sitting on,and held the wall-piece in front if his face. The little group slowly arrived. When they saw Calles’ silly move,then just sighed,or shook their head.
-Calles,we know it’s you,and we also can see you clearly. ~dearu. –Kazu just shook his head.
-No,this is a statue. A magical one! – Calles grumbled from the behind of the wall.
Koji simply climbed on Calles’ left leg,then jumped up,kicking the wall-piece,which cracked,and fell on the ground in pieced. Calles blinked,as his face was revealed,Koji then landed next to Kazu,crossing his arms.
-You’re the worst liar I’ve ever seen.-Koji stated.
-Well no,I can still be a statue! – Calles continued arguing.
-Silly ~dearu.
-Hey,ya’re my roommate,ya should be on my side!
By the time the boys were arguing,Junko crouched next to the elf boy.
-Hi. – she said.
-Hi,miss.-he smiled.
-I think that belongs to someone else. – she said pointing at the talisman.
-Oh,you’re right. I just wanted to play…-the boy made a sad face,then handed the talisman to Junko.
Junko stood up and walked in front of Calles.
-Here,big boy! – she threw up the talisman,Calles caught it.
-At last! – he said,as he slowly started to shrink.
After Calles regained his human-like form,he scratched his head awkwardly.
-Sorry fo’ makin’ a mess.
-It’s fine,it can happen. – Junko shrugged.
-But now you must confess your sins and help the elves,who you infected. – Whitney ordered without any contradiction accepted.
Calles sighed,then he slowly started to walk back to the scene,where he caused trouble.
-Wait! – the elf boy ran in front of Calles.
-What’s it,kid? – Calles looked down at the elf child with a tired expression.
-Promise me you’ll come back and play with me next time. – he said with a trembling voice.
Calles remained speechless. Too many feels were bombed at him,which made him puzzled.
-Aye,but ya musta’ promise ya won’t take away my talisman again. – he ruffled the little boy’s hair.
-Ay ay,captain! – the  boy shouted,then ran away laughing.

Calles and the others went back to the people,who were scratching themselves. It was a hilarious view: some were scratching their lower back,jumping,some were crawling on the ground,while sitting on the ground and scratched on the rocks theirselves,some were scratching their back to a building,some were rolling on the ground ,some were scratching each other. Calles blinked,the others glared at him.
-Aye,aye,ya don’ have to stare at me with those sharp looks on yar faces! – he took out his talisman and started to grumble,the talisman started to glow,then he was slowly transforming.
-Here it goes again.~dearu. – Kazu sighed,then teleported away,granbbing Whitney’s and Junko’s hands,teleporting them with himself.
-WAH,WATCH WHERE YOU STEP! – Drew jumped away,when a tail swayed at him.
-Hey! – Koji jumped aside,because Calles’ leg almost pressed him on a building.
-Sorry! – Calles grumbled,then took a deep breath,and blew out blue fire on the people.
At first,everyone was shouting,but they were too tired because of the scratching,and they had no choice,just scream and pressed to the ground from the powerful pushing effect of the fire. After Calles was done,he transformed back to normal. The people shouted and panicked a bit,then they realized they were all okay.
-Hey,I don’t have to scratch anymore! – one shouted.
-Me neither!
-Me neither!
-Me neither!
-ALL HAIL THE POWERFUL AND MIGHTY DRAGON! – the “hero” shouted again,but he only received some tired glares instead.
While Kazu teleported back with the girls,and they started apologizing and helping the people,Calles went and started to collect his stuffs,which he stole from the people,but they fell out of his clothing,when he started to transform.
-Yargh! Oh,Whitney,ya scared the Hell out ‘f me! – Calles laughed awkwardly.
-What are you hiding?
Whitney glared.
-Then how come you became so fat?
-Because….I blew too much fire and……urgh..okay,okay,I’m gonna give these back to them. – Calles grumbled,he was very disappointed.
After Calles apologise for the mess he did,and he gave back the shoe,the apples,and the other stuffs he stole,they all went back to the Academy.
-You seem to have had a big adventure today. – Drew laughed.
-Aye! I see new faces! – Calles turned at Junko and Koji.
-I’m Koji,nice to meet you. – he shook hands with Calles.
-I’m Junko. – she waved.
-Nice to meet ya,ladies[friends],I’m Calles! – he smirked.
-Yeah,I’m going to keep you in mind. – Koji said,then crossed his arms.
Junko giggled,Calles scratched his head with an awkward smile.
-Now I musta’ put my bones fo’ rest fo’ tomorrow! See ya,guys! – he then said goodbye. – We musta’ meet again!
-We will. –Koji nodded.
-I’m going to say out late for today~dearu.
-Ok,matey,take yar time!
Finally ” Calles thought,as he was finally in his room. He looked around,as if he wants to be sure noone’s in the room,then pushed his hand in his pocket,and took out the medal,which he stole from the elf woman. He grinned satisfied,as he put the medal on the chest. The chest started to glow in a neon blue,then grew a little. Calles proudly grinned.
Gomen for the delay! I hope I made Talk 6 in time TT_TT Things are getting interesting. I mixed alot of things in this part. Alot of new. I hope you'll like it!

I will reveal Calles' true from now! TA-DAA…

And then I made a funny picture showing you how tall he is exactly...or at least approximately :…
 Other infos you can read below the pictures.

Damien Cornett :icondemonfox9tails:
Tete :iconlollylink:
Victoria :iconyuvena:
Drew :iconleothereaper:
Whitney :iconwolf12832:
Koji :icongodstorm1990:
Kazu :iconkazuhiku:
Junko :iconanime1448:

the people in the town, the "hero" , the elf lady, the elf kid

-I'm trying my best to get the main idea of every character I'm using,yet I'm still presenting them partially from Calle's perspective.
-The "hero" is the ironic nickname by Calles. He finds lame,how that person really wants to be the leader of everything in a very passionate,yet pitiful way.
- With the elf woman at the shop> He actually say "You're pretty" to the MEDAL and NOT to the lady xD unaware how wrong that actually sounded with that expression of his. But I think he deserved that slap,didn't he?

Welp,that's all for now! I'll be a little bit silent for the next few days! I'll have to write an exam,then I'm working on a big project about Calles...again,plus,I must read the stories you guys wrote these days! o/
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CodyWolf Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
Great story. very funny as always with him. He did earn that slap and I can't believe he kept that one item but that's a pirate for you. ^^

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Thank you,and I'm glad :D
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Hhaha,musta' let Calles keep that in mind XD
Kazuhiku Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know that feeling! :iconhappytearsplz:

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He STILL stole!
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