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March 25


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         Calles was wandering on Melfar Academy’s corridor,when he suddenly heard a girly scream. Calles stopped whistling and snapped out of his thoughts,started to run at the direction where the scream came from. When he took a turn at the end corner of the corridor,he spotted a little group of girls staring in somewhere amazed. Calles rushed at them,and looked around what’s happening. The girls were standing in front of a girl’s bathroom,none of them dared to go in. Calles was at least a half head taller than any of them,so he could easily get on his toes and peeked in,pushing his hands on his pockets. He saw nothing,so he decided to ask the girls.
-So what’s goin’ on there?
-Someone accidentally summoned a little devil – one explained- and it ate a lot,now it got bigger,and it’s making a mess! We’re scared to go in,it already hurt Xenia.Eventually,she could lock it on a toilet. –she pointed at a girl,whose shoulder was bleeding,another girl was trying to help her up. – Now we’re waiting for Samusagi-chan to arrive.
After she finished,she turned back. Suddenly the creature kept in the toilet started to groan,and tried to escape,punching,kicking the door. The girls squealed,got closer to each other,gathered around Calles. Calles just blinked,he felt tension. He started to feel a pulsating force in his body,he barely could hold back his instincts. Suddenly the monster punched out the door,and  without hesitation,ran out of the bathroom,and wanted to jump on the little group. The tension bursted out into a fast action,the girls screamed again,stepping back.
-Why tha Hell ya don’ use magic?! – Calles suddenly shouted,as he jumped up,and kicked the monster’s face,which fell on the ground.
-It’s no use…it consumes magic,and any kind of power,or energy.Some of us didn’t know,and now it got too powerful… - Xenia explained,forced herself to get up without any help.
Calles snarled at the monster,which stood up,and snarled back at him. Both of them glared at each other. The monster sniffed in the air,and ignored Calles.The creature noticed  Xenia’s bleeding shoulder. Xenia wasn’t afraid,she glared back,but everyone knew she’ll get even more wounded. Calles noticed this also,so when the monster wanted to jump,he wrapped his arms around he’s neck,and started to strangle him from the behind,both of them fell on the ground,and while the monster was struggling,Calles held it’s neck tightly.
-To the yard! – a girl shouted,all of them started to follow her.
One looked back,she hesitated leaving Calles behind.
-Just..go… -Calles told her ,while trying to hold back the mad creature.
-But…-she turned back and cautiously walked at them.
She hesitated,then with a worried expression,she turned her back at them,and ran off. The creature started to struggle even more,somehow it reached Calle’s arm,and bit it,letting out an acid liquid. Calles shouted in pain,he had to let it go. His arm was reeking,his flesh was wasting away.He made a painful grimace,looking at his arm,which was slowly healing,then looked at the monster,which tried to follow the girls. His instincts started to grow,and wanted to take control over his mind. He shook his head,tried to restrain himself,then ran after the monster. They started to fight,roll around in the corridor,but the monster eventually escaped,leaving acid ,growing wounds on him. “This body is not enough,damn…” Calles thought,as he took out the talisman off his pocket.Stared at it,hesitated,then closed his eyes,and started to mumble. The talisman started to glow,and his body started to transform.
The monster was almost at the exit,he was so occupied to catch up with the girls,he didn’t notice the growing shadow behind him.Suddenly stopped and started to sniff in the air. He,as a creature without thoughts and emotions ,slowly looked back with widened eyes,as if he  felt threatened. The shadow covered the monster,which got down on the ground,lied down,showing appreciation to the bigger creature,which blew smoke on him. Calles was now three-four times bigger than the monster,he barely could move in the thick corridor. A low,threatening grunting left his throat,as he leaned closer to the monster,which was now trembling in fear. Calles opened his mouth,showing his shark-like teeth to the creature,which was seem to be regretting he was summoned at the moment. Calles left his mouth open,and suddenly he blew out blue fire on the creature. The monster started to struggle and scream in pain,he tried to escape from the fire,which slowly consumed up his body.This blue fire only burnt the monster,but it didn’t ruin the walls,neither the doors or decoration. Calles slowly transformed back,staring at the dying monster,as if he was staring at a campfire. The monster disappeared,so did the fire.
Exactly in time. The girls returned with the waited person. Samusagi looked around,but she couldn’t see anyone or anything beside Calles.She glared at Calles and got into an offensive pose. Calles raised a brow,he didn’t get why she wanted to attack him.
-No,no,don’t attack him,he’s a good guy! – a girl suddenly interfered,the one,which was hesitating to leave Calles behind back then.
But it was too late,Samusagi jumped on the air,and kicked Calles off.
-YARGH! – Calles shouted,as he flew away.
Everyone stared with a surprised expression.
-Now that’s what I call a warm welcome! – Calles sat up petting his cheek,where Samusagi left a track with her nice footwear.
-If he’s not the monster,where’s the real one,then?~desu – Samusagi turned at the girls a bit confused.
-Prob’ly in my stomache. – Calles shrugged with a grin,but the girls took it in serious,and all of them looked at him with a shocked expression,Calles stared back at them with an innocent ,surprised one. – What…?
-You’re crazy! – a girl laughed,went at him,and gave him a hand to help him up. – By the way,I’m Victoria,nice to meet you,fellow!
All the girls gathered around Calles,they calmed down,none of them were tensed up anymore.
-I’m Whitney,God bless you,she is Samusagi,and she is Xenia,Tete and Dakota.
-Nice to meet you! – the others said at the same time.
-Why hello all ya there! – Calles scratched his head ,while grinning,he felt a bit embarrassed being around so many girls.
-And you?~desu – Samusagi crossed her arms .
-Well I’m Calles,the new sailor on board.
-Oh,you’re such a…pirate! – Tete exclaimed,the others giggled.
-Why yeah,I’m a pirate-dragon. – he grinned.
-Sounds interesting. – Xenia gave out a faint smile.
Calles just nodded.
-And I have a treasure chest too! – he proudly grinned.
-Oh,that’s so amazing! Can we take a look? – Dakota asked with a curious expression.
-Please? – Victoria also asked.
-I wouldn't be interested..... – Whitney shook her head.
-The…thing is,I can’t show that to ya,because ‘s kinda small now. I have tha fill it with treasure. – Calles explained,he got even more curious expressions from them.
-What kind of treasure?~desu
Calles hesitated with the answer. His inner thoughts tried to come out.
-Well…all kind of treasure. – he finally answered with an awkward grin.
Samusagi raised a brow.
-You should definitely show us! – Victoria stated.
The others started to talk,agree ,and started to fantasise what kind of mysterious treasure chest has Calles.
-Well! Need to go now,it was fun getting’ to know all ya!Hope I won’t forget names for tomorrow. – he sniggered,then pushed his hands on his pockets,turning away from the girls. – Oh,and…Xenia…get better,n’ take care next time!
-Ok. – she smiled at him.
Called turned,then humming an old pirate song started to go off.
He turned back.
-Where’s the monster,then?~desu – Samusagi asked with a serious expression.
-I jus’ put ‘em back where it belonged. – Calles answered with a grin,then walked off.
It was already getting late,but he didn’t want to go into his room yet. He went out to take some fresh air. He felt a bit tired. It was the second time,when he forced out in a fast and short moment his true form. He was unpatient with his own self,but he couldn’t help it. He sat on the grass,on the yard,stargazing. “ I must definitely fill that treasure chest. I musta’ start lookin’ fo’ some treasure….” Ge thought as he was buried in his thoughts.
Okay,so I want Calles to slowly meet everyone. It would take me alot of time to meet everyone one by one,so I sorted in little groups. So...this is my first group xD This didn't turn out so sooooo hilarious,probably I wasn't in such a delightful mood,but I'm trying hard. I wanted a little bit of action too,not just humor, it goes.
Also,sorry for the mistypings!! I didn't have time to reread it,yet I really wanted to post it. The femini should;ve been between "...",but it won't let me write like that -.- I just...invedted a word for fun xD It's boring to write "meeting the girls".
I hope you'll enjoy it!

Victoria :iconyuvena:
Whitney :iconwolf12832:
Samusagi :iconsamusagi:
Xenia :iconlittledragon14:
TeTe :iconlollylink:
Dakota :iconcodywolf:
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Drew: Ah. :3
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