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Yeah, was a long time I contributed in here, just placed some art here. For myself, since don't really know what else to really do in here and I don't like talking to myself.

So got tagged and thank you, awesome!

Firstly, Fandom tag, tagged by :iconhina-monoko:

R u l e s:
Name 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms. Then tag 10 people.
1. Deadpool - Marvel comics
2. Grimmjow Jaggerjack - Bleach
3. Kagami Taiga - Kuroko no Basket
4. Pyro - Team Fortress 2
5. Sollux Captor  - Homestuck
6. Raphael - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
7. Prussia - Hetalia
8. Bullhorn - Black Dynamite[animation]
9. Alexander - Hellsing
10. Azog the Defiler - Hobbit


Tag by Hina-Monoko
Rules: (you don't have to follow all of them)
1 - You have to post ALL the rules. 
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
7. You must do the journal entry.


1. Which is your first anime series you ever watched?
Pokemon? Or Sailor Moon...gee I don't remember....I wonder if Niels Holgersson is considered an anime? Then that was my first one and that means I've been watching anime since I was 5 xD
2. What do you think about when you draw?
This is very depends what and where I get inspiration. My mind is constantly running with ideas, scenes, poses, colours, describing a feeling in drawing. So always and always. If I had better animating skills and time and working faster, then I'd have an animation set daily.
3. If you were to choose a music instrument to represent you, what would you be?
Drums, obviously drums. When I hear any kind of drum it goes deep in. I really like both the modern drums but also the traditional ones too.
4. If you could choose would you: die in the desert because of dehydration OR die because being frozen in an snow storm?
I'd freeze. Firstly, I am already half dead on every summer, I hate being thirsty and I hate warm weather. Cold is uncomfortable too, but at least it makes you numb and suffer less and puts you to sleep gently and without pain. So definitely dying from snow and cold.
5. What do you eat when you are hungry at late at night?
I try not to eat late night because it's not really healthy. But then I can't sleep so I rather drink a lot of water and try to sleep, or a little bit of bread to stop that annoying hungry feeling so that I can rather sleep.
6. Do you think the drawings you make will start living in a another dimension like alians or something like that?
Yes, I do think. There is a dimension I like to keep up for fantasies, creativity, inspirations and living, following the paths of the characters created there through.
7. In which part of your art you want to progress?
In animations, moving things and digital coloring.
8. What inspires you most to draw?
Music.Mostly music. But like I said I'm always full with insprations, just music really forms them out into something more exact and gives better focus on them.
9. You take your photos with your phone, scan it... or?
Photos as in...about my drawings? Scanner, then.
10. Why would you live or not in the 18th century having the job as a professional actor?
I think in any century, the base of being an actor/actress is the same. If you're a good actor and love what you're doing, you're not picky with any kind of circumstances you need to play in or as. It is very difficult either age.
11. If you would meet your most admired artist now, yes, right now that very person would ring your doorbell or knock and enter your living room, how would you react?
Eeeeeehm.....I don't really admire anyone anymore. I grew up and realized that very famos human being is the same as any of us, just their job is to be on the center of attention. I am mostly talking about singers or actors and such here, because painters never really had a vast public audience. So I would not really jump out of my skin. I would surely be surprised, because who wouldn't, but that would be a think what would make me jizz in my pants if that one famous person would come to ask me to ...I don't a part of their project. Man.....that would be something!
12. What do you think it stands out most in my art?
Feminine noses and hands. Those always caught me how the Hell can you draw them with such delicate, perfect feminine curves.
jerry mouse scream intensifies icon
Same tag, tagged by :iconlittledragon14:
1. If you could learn one language right now, which one would you choose?
Scottish Gaelic. Actually I'm doing that, or at least trying.
2. What is your favourite PC (or any platform for that matter) game? 
Team Fortress 2
3. Which character of yours resembles you the least and in what way? Physical appearance does not count.
The least? Ahhhhh.......Contemplating Kirk  hmmmmmmm.....uh...well I am rather trying to think of the main ones because the side characters are side characters for a reason. There was a vampire lady called Vanessa from the story New Dimension I wrote wth Hina-Monoko and Renakyunn. She was the main helper of the main villain called Kreon the Great Firedragon. Now see, I really like and am good at antagonists.  But when I needed to write with her, she pissed me off too. She is irritating and annoying, she does not have anything that would resemble me, she is that one character, which resembles those annoying traist is female people that irritate me. So I think she is the least one which has anything to do with me in traits.
I might redraw her now that I remembered.
4. Which character of yours do you enjoy RPing the most / writing for / drawing the most?
ShadowofJ, obviously. He is not only just an OC, he is a soulmate character, which means that he has his own dimension, but I can imagine him in various situations both of my own life and other kind of situations. He is not really limited to a certain kind of dimension so he is flexible at many paths. He was created when I was 12 I think and his permanent appeariance first made in the game Ourworld, when I was 14.
5. If you were represented by a plant, which one would it be?
6. If you were represented by an animal, which one would it be?
Now this is difficult.....I can't really answer this question by myself so according to my Chinese horoscope it's pig, according to my Native American horoscope I'm deer......none is really.....accurate otherwise, so I will answer according to filling a quiz.
So according to this quiz I'm a bat
The description is kind of accurate, tho. You can have fun with it yourself too if you want.
7. What is your favourite month?
December because it means a kind of end and putting an end to a year with many things ending also is a nice feeling. It also means an opening for a new start.
8. If you had all the needed resources to organize a meeting with your dA friends, would you actually organize such a meeting event?
Yes, why not?
9. How would you describe my drawing style? (Apologies for this question, I am just curious. XD)
Very creative, unique and dark in a positive way, at least for my preference. And nice details there also.
10. Which of your character(s) would you be most afraid of meeting if they were real?
This guy -> Rept-Alien the wierdest thing I've ever draw
11. (I am running out of questions. =_= ) Which aspects of your own drawings/stories are you happy with? 
Villains, their thoughts, actions, looks and place in stories.
12. Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Yes, definitely. Dean Approves ~ free to use!

I will think of questions some other time if I remember, and I am not tagging because why, tho? Forever Alone Hands
  • Listening to: how people's sanity slowly fade
  • Reading: own testament
  • Watching: how society degrades
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: stress
  • Drinking: piss

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